CTG-1000 FTP Proxy FTP Engine

An economical and secure proxy FTP control engine, the CTG-1000 FTP is designed specifically for facilities wishing to maximize file transaction management and server connection control.

Compact, powerful, and fast, the CTG-1000 FTP System is ideal for any number of applications within a broadcast facility.

The server fits into a single rack unit, features an intuitive graphical user interface, and offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Client and server access controlled locally rather than on each server

  • Maximum bandwidth usage efficiency

  • Stable and secure transmissions

  • Increased effectiveness of user and server connection control

  • Simultaneous transmission of multiple files for high priority users

  • Timed transfers and timed deletions

  • Logging

  • Selective availability of servers to different users

  • Variety of interfaces, including XML, POP3, or custom.

CTG-1000 FTP Proxy FTP Engine

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