CTG-1000 SMN Supervisory Monitor Controller

Designed for security and/or monitoring applications, the CTG-1000 SMN is a comprehensive Supervisory Monitor System that combines the powerful capabilities of the CTG-1000 Router Controller with extensive sequencing and salvo functionality.

Used by NASA to provide real time control for the space shuttle launch monitoring facilities at Kennedy Space Center, the system features timing specifications unmatched by any other control system: the ability to simultaneously switch any of 768 outputs to a new source within 100 ms of the change commands being issued from 768 control panels.

The sequence pool contains up to 1,000 sequences with up to 500 events in each sequence, and provides for user-selectable dwell times of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, or 15 seconds for each event. Sequence execution can be performed indvidually or consecutively, or all 1,000 sequences can be executed simultaneously.

The salvo facility provides up to 300 salvos with a maximum of 300 crosspoints in each salvo, linking of multiple salvos for simultaneous execution, and locking of destinations within a salvo.

CTG-1000 Supervisory Monitor Controller Screen Samples

Sequences Window

Salvos Window

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