Corporate Profile

The real time control software designed and developed by Cyradis Technology Group Inc. is used the world over for real time control of on-air operations by major international broadcasters and facilities with mission-critical operations. Globally recognized for quality, reliability, and simplicity of operation, Cyradis is the preferred supplier for companies needing a tailor-made, yet affordable, solution. Our software meets the most stringent specifications, has the flexibility to meet specific needs and requirements, and is delivered on time and on budget.

Founded by Nadine A. Jollimore and J. David Allamby in 1990, Cyradis began as a software development and consulting company serving the broadcast industry. The two partners formed a strong management team and based their new company on solid management principles, sound corporate philosophy, and a disciplined approach to project fulfillment. Within a short time, Cyradis quickly became the first choice of broadcasters searching for real time control solutions for major projects.

This experience with large, typically landmark projects provided Cyradis personnel with a keen understanding of what makes a successful custom software development project. With this insight, the Cyradis reputation for "taking the pain out of custom software" was developed, along with an ever increasing list of satisfied customers.

Today, the Cyradis name has spread far beyond its original broadcast roots and is at the heart of leading installations world-wide, including those in which human lives are at stake.

As Cyradis grew, it drew on its greatest assets - unique analytic skills, strong management team, and creative approach to software development - and complimented these strengths by bringing together a team of experienced professionals who are the best in their field. Cyradis facilities now include Software Development, Research and Development, Project Management, Product Testing, Publications, Communications, Marketing, and Administration.

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